Bio Sicilia Organic Ginger beer 27,5*12

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8.51 AED

Bio Sicilia Organic Ginger Beer is a gluten-free, organic ginger beer perfect for any summer gathering. Made with cane sugar and fresh ginger, this drink is smooth and refreshing with a kick of ginger flavor. Whether you’re sipping on it by the pool or enjoying it with your friends at a party, Bio Sicilia Organic Ginger Beer is sure to be a hit & also provides some health benefits.

  •         It helps with digestive problems, colds, and headaches.
  •         In addition, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, so the beer may help ease pain and inflammation.
  •         The cane sugar in the recipe helps to provide a sweet taste without using artificial sweeteners.
  •         The ginger beer is also gluten-free, making it a good choice for those with dietary restrictions.
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